Is price everything? Or do customer relations matter more? Perhaps it is a mixed bag?

The answer is yes, no, maybe or depends…while price is key, it’s not always the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right print and procurement supplier for your business needs.

With our combined and expansive experience, Printwell UK have come across a myriad of reasons as to why people choose to go with one supplier over another – and some can be more unexpected than others. 

One potential customer refused to work to change suppliers purely due to historical relationships, irrelevant of the best value for money.  This was more down to this customer’s fear of change.  Although Printwell UK carried out a free no obligation print audit, which showed an annual saving trend of more than 16% (worth tens of thousands of pounds per year towards their bottomline), this potential customer just would not budge.

So whilst price is obviously a main driver behind a purchasing decision, it’s not always the final factor. There is so much more that we focus on to help our clients arrive at the deal that’s right for them, asking the right questions to reveal the right answers.

Do they require environmental governance for their supply chain? Have they considered alternative processes?  Are they optimising from their marketing and print spend, utilising all resources available from an ever-changing world?  By reducing the price to coincide a budget will the client still receive the same expected outcome and have all options been thoroughly discussed?

We make it our business to understand the mindset of the customer and help uncover those reasons to make sure they are happy with the choices.  This also forms more than a customer to supplier relationship, this becomes the foundation of an ongoing partnership of two separate businesses working together with mutual, cogent interest.  We make it our business to ask te right questions at the right time, to ensure client expectations are met and excelled!

And we keep an eye on lots of influencing factors involving economic factors on raw materials, alternative innovations resulting to a greater ROI from marketing and printed matter.  The use of technology to streamline efficiencies.  Maintain brand control through hard copy and soft copy advertising, marketing and general print needs, we act as a guardian angel to our customer’s brands.  Offering educational programmes to this affect to ensure our client base and potential clients are ofay with new possibilities, especially as people come and go from a business.  It is the want for service excellence which positions us into the league of our own and not just another supplier. 

These behind the scene free services are an unconsidered expense to businesses who may not facilitate such functions internally.  From this service alone our clients make direct and indirect savings, many without even realising the consultancy service they are actually receiving for free.

Regardless of size, we treat each client the same, from single base operations to businesses with 500-plus sites across the UK and Europe.  Our ethos is to not just offer printed matter as any printer can do this, it is to build trust, understand our customer’s commercials and overall requirements, then find a centralised, cost effective print, procurement and marketing solution. 

Our centralised solutions are catered on an ad-hoc basis, as no two customers are the same or have the same requirements.  We have experienced this throughout over three decades of business and can provide testimonials, endorsements and referees from start-ups to plc’s. 

To us both price and customer service must unite in harmony.  It ensures our client base receives not necessarily the cheapest, but the very best value for money and experience.  It is the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’.

So take a leap of faith and request our free no obligation audit, or just to be inquisitive on what we can offer you, contact Printwell UK  -  e: t: +44 (0)20 8687 9234