Printwell's 30th Birthday

30 years ago I started a brilliant business which I have had the pleasure of developing, from my 1st customer Superdrug Stores Plc who still work with us!  Alongside Superdrug Stores plc  we are now working with well-known British brands and servicing deliveries throughout the world.  I have seen the print industry go from 4-6 week average delivery to 1-3 days with the invention of "Just In Time" "(JIT)".  With this I have seen our business evolve and become more of a solution provider rather than a print firm.  

We now employ a team of over 50 people at Printwell. Over the past 30 years I have experienced goods times and rough times as all business owners do, with the recessions, yet have made it through them all.  This I could not have done without all the support around me. For this I cannot thank my wife enough, my relatives and the Printwell team who helped me achieve great personal and professional heights.  

Now having three different print orientated businesses within the group I remain as focussed as I did in 1985. This is reflected in the different businesses and can be seen in our passion, ensuring we excel in customer satisfaction,  financial savings on projects and believing in lean British manufacturing. This is complimented by offering a full procurement and print management service.