Charity Donations

  • Committed to Charitable Giving
  • Supporting national and international good causes
  • Donated over £70,000 to date

We have also...

Donated over £300 to Samsung UK's Cross Sahara Team!

At Printwell, we are committed to supporting good causes across the UK and beyond. Here are some of the causes we have supported in the past -

  • £53.00 to Superdrug for their walk around all the stores
  • £98.00 to a Utility Warehouse distributor for their banner and their local charity
  • £200.00 to Utility Warehouse HQ for their christmas charity raffle for teenage cancer
  • £200.00 to Herbalife charity fund for the worldwide charity
  • £100.00 to Estate Agent Group Thamesview (Dexters) for their christmas charity
  • £21.00 to Aziz who walked 100 miles per day for 5 days, from east to the west across England in aid of the Hardika Charity
  • £21.00 to Cancer Research for Andrew Yemm at APC
  • £53.00 to the UK's leading stroke charity, Stroke Association