Supporting the Mayor’s Ambassador Programme

Printwell UK have supported the local Mayor’s Ambassador Programme and the Mayor’s Charity Fund, ultimately to support a variety of local charities such as Mind in Croydon (promoting good mental health) and Ashdon Jazz Academy (supporting vulnerable young women and girls).

Restoring Our Community: Relief for Zanzibar

To combat the economic impact of Covid-19, we have committed to an ongoing upliftment project to provide essential aid in Zanzibar: proving food parcels to over 800 families in need and supplying sustainable educational printable resources for children.

Rebuilding life after Covid

Tragically hit by the devasting effects of COVID-19, we partnered with a local community in India to help support a retired worker rebuild his life and establish a source of income post-pandemic. Donating money to purchase a scooter, he can now earn an income as a delivery driver along with volunteering to transport food parcels […]

Project rise: tree planting

Striving for a greener and cleaner community we committed to joining a worldwide tree planting initiative pledging to plant 200,000 saplings.

Powering communities in Yemen

To promote sustainable development, we support growing, rural villages in Yemen by supplying A4 solar panels to the community for the benefit of energy conservation and use of renewable energy.