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Printwell are delighted to be celebrating their 30th birthday in 2015.


I have been in the print industry for over 30 years driven by a determination to deliver cost saving initiatives whilst ensuring that we all at Printwell set a standard of service and quality for others to follow. At Printwell we invest heavily in the development and training of the team and nurture young talent through apprenticeships.

I am a keen environmentalist believing that we should protect and develop our planet's resources for the future generations. I also actively participate in Charity work and am a strong believer in community spirit.

In addition to Printwell I am the founder of two other great print companies, Digitall, an African company and PrintSource, a Polish company delivering economies of scale of print in Europe. Both companies very strongly promote the qualities of British companies whilst working for two well known British brands, Save the Children and Pallex (a British pallet distribution company).

We invest 10% of our profits in training PA

I have also acquired GRAYS a great British brand. GRAYS are a British manufacturing company whose specialism is bookbinding and hand made boxes. Established for over 50 years, we are maintaining its great British manufacturing principals whilst continuing to work with luxury brand names, an international auction house and the Royal Family.
(I am sorry due to restrictions we are unable to specify the names publicly).

We have been using Printwell for over a decade. They understand the important issues that a pressured business-focused organisation needs; quality, cost and service delivery. They are always eager to please and one of our most resourceful suppliers, able to source and find the unusual. Good communication is vital in any business relationship and we have developed an honest and open dialogue that allows for the needs and fulfilment the council has. Croydon Council