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Your Brand

Amongst the many challenges brands face today, 3 key challenges are:

1)    Making your brand stand out

2)    Being sustainable

3)    Being profitable


In an ideal world, all plans would see the light of the day but unfortunately the reality is that there is no quick fix and there also shouldn’t need to be a compromise on your objectives.

For many brand managers or small business owners, although they understand packaging is a key part of brand’s marketing but sometimes not an area that they’re confident with.


At Printwell UK, we hold a passion for supporting brands, especially in their infancy to design and create sustainable, innovative, and effective packaging. Our 37 years of experience has meant we have a deep knowledge of what works and what can be improved, be it for beauty packaging, retail packaging or luxury packaging. As proud members of Walpole, we also understand the need to achieve a balance between luxury and sustainability and take pride in supporting brands in this journey.


Printwell UK aims to take your packaging further than just manufacturing it. 


Sustainable Packaging

Creating sustainable packaging does not mean that it must always be recycled. There are other materials and processes that can be used to either reduce carbon footprint or even be used for something else. Ultimately the key here is to ensure you are positively impacting the planet and doing everything you can to make a better world for future generations.

For example, some brands will do their upmost to ensure they do not use plastic and use the most sustainable materials, so they may choose a biodegradable laminate. Yes, this is wonderful in taking the step to being more sustainable, but the customer ultimately will feel this as plastic (and not biodegradable laminate), therefore continuing to throw this in to general waste.

For the planet – this does not positively impact them

For the consumer – they see the brand not having sustainability values

For the brand – they incur an additional expense that has not achieved its purpose, and to some extent has negative sentiment.

We love supporting B Corp brands as we can be challenged together to take sustainable packaging further for your brand!


Reducing Packaging Costs 

At times, brands will be proposed beautiful creative packaging concepts but when it comes to production this will be unnecessarily expensive. Understanding the production process and how that impacts design can allow you to reduce costs yet attain an impactful design. This can be from something simple as changing the material it is printed on, to reengineering your product packaging.  


As a packaging partner we take pride in understanding your brand and vision as this helps us support you in your journey to creating sustainable, innovative, and effective packaging.

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