Packaging Innovations

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December 2021 is the month we can hopefully see many of you at the London Packaging Innovations event, 1st and 2nd December to be specific.

The event plays a crucial role in driving new innovations, connections and opportunities for the brand and design agencies. We love being part of this community to drive innovation and look forward to working with brands to solve problems and creatively challenge ourselves.

Whether you specialise in beauty, food, drinks or fashion & accessories, packaging is an integral part of every brand’s identity.

We will be showcasing our work with brands from all industries and design agencies. Packaging Innovations is a place everyone can come together and really push the boundaries with packaging. The closer we work together, the better the results we can produce, especially when it comes to sustainable packaging.

We have a little surprise activity at our stand to help bring us together when it comes to sustainable packaging. The initiative is to help us all understand what customers want for sustainable packaging, which ultimately helps brands/agencies and packaging suppliers like ourselves.

Register now  and come to see us at H44 (next to the VIP lounge), waving the British flag

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