Sustainable Packaging In 2021 and On…

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Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before.

Customers are challenging brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible but with this, brands need to educate customers about how to dispose of their specific packaging. Every packaged item has a different combination of materials and in turn a different way of disposing. Some may be biodegradable, some seeded which you can plant and some are at the end of their recyclable journey.

Sustainability does not just come down to materials, it is also about the processes. Can packaging be produced locally or produced in an alternative way to reduce carbon emissions. With this, can the emissions be offset or can trees be replanted?

Centralising your packaging can support in reducing packaging wastage but also enhance the customer experience with personalised packaging. Many brands would produce product packaging in the Far East to reduce costs. However, some brands are relooking at this and realising small to medium run locally produced packaging may be more expensive as a unit price but ultimately; cheaper annually, more sustainable and have shorter lead times so they can be more flexible with the market.

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