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Helped UW to be one of the UK's largest companies

UW Background

UW is one of the UK’s largest companies and a true British success story. 

A FTSE 250 business, the company has grown since 1996 through word of mouth referral marketing, having helped to create a national network of entrepreneurs.

UW consistently receives praise and endorsement from Which?, the UK’s leading independent consumer champion.

UW asked us to…

Look at ways of producing personalised marketing materials and distributing these nationwide. They also asked us to look at the most cost effective way of achieving this and retaining economies of scale going forward.

How Printwell delivered

We listened and attended ongoing project meetings. We advised what was possible and what would be too costly. This added value to the final result as both parties understood exactly what was required.

One of the requirements was more specific and therefore Printwell went abroad to source it. We then asked our internal I.T. department to build a Data Filtering System to ensure that we were able to cater for the daily live data per UW’s requirements.

The Printwell team ensure that live data is well managed: letters, certificates, business cards are personalised, various marketing packs are accurately fulfilled and dispatched the same day. Printwell  UK continue to offer transparency, and assurance with weekly and monthly reports.

This ongoing print and fulfilment project operates on a just in time basis (JIT) and remains the key to us being able to deliver daily!




Packaging, Merchandise and Fulfilment

Final Output

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